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SANTIAGO J. MAJAM is an accomplished Insurance and Financial Services Professional, with a solid track record of 40 years of proven performance, experience, and wisdom in this highly specialized field. He founded YOU KEEP FINANCIAL NETWORK upon securing an Independent General Agency and Brokerage contract from USA member companies of the World’s Largest Insurers, namely, AEGON Group and AIG Group. He is currently representing Transamerica Agency Network Inc., American Equity Investment Life, Lincoln Financial Group, Mass Mutual Financial Services, AIG, Allianz. With full access and experience in all these companies’ products and financial services with different underwriting philosophies, we are able to provide our clients some of the best options in the industry based on financial strength, product design and competitiveness of rates to consumers. YOU KEEP FINANCIAL NETWORK started as a family business, established on a solid track record of 40 years of professional experience in the insurance and financial planning services industry of its founder Santiago J. Majam. YKFN was built on this core principle of “Customer Comes First” in our dealings with existing and prospective clients. Our personal motivation is to form strong client relationships based on respect, trust and confidence, loyalty, and integrity with excellent products and services. Through the years, YKFN has evolved into an umbrella organization designed to build a strategic network of independent financial representatives & insurance brokers who are motivated to run their own insurance & financial services agency. Maintaining our independence from the companies we are representing enables us to always provide what is most beneficial to our clients. YKFN offers network Associates ‘Group Strength’ that is anchored on established reputation in the Insurance & Financial Services industry. Based on our group strength, we are able to provide our Associates with the leverage of proven experience and performance to negotiate successfully with big financial & insurance companies. Without this group strength to back him up, a lone ranger financial representative or insurance agent will face a difficult climb. YKFN offers member Associates insurance brokerage business without being appointed first with the right company as the Agency has the resources and existing appointments most of the time with the right company. YKFN offers member Associates the unique advantage of on-the-job training, guidance and experience with adequate tools and support, and sharing best practices to enjoy greater success, while managing their own independent insurance & financial services practice and agency. YOU KEEP FINANCIAL NETWORK organization stands as a legacy of hard work, proven performance, genuine concern for people, and professional and ethical insurance & financial services that would guide public consumers in their everyday financial decisions to their best interest, with the end goal of making a difference in people’s lives.

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Santiago J. Majam
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  • Medicare Supplement
  • What is Medicare?

    Health Insurance for three groups of people:

    • 65 years and older
    • Under 65 with certain disabilities


    • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)


    • Social Security Administration (SSA)
    • Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Railroad Retirees

    Four Parts of Medicare

    • Part A – Hospital Insurance

      • Most People do not have to pay for Part A
        • Hospital – Inpatient
        • Skilled Nursing Facilities
        • Home Health Care
    • Part B – Medical Insurance
      • Most people pay monthly for Part B
        • Doctor's Visits
        • Outpatient Hospital Services
        • Clinical Lab Tests
        • Preventive Services
    • Part C – Medicare Advantage
      • Offered by private insurance companies as an alternative to Original Medicare; plans are government subsidized and regulated.
        • Medicare Advantage (Like HMOs and PPOs)
          • Includes Part A & B and usually Part D Coverage
            • Emergency Care
            • May offer extra coverage (Vision, Hearing, Dental, and/or health and wellness programs.
    • Part D – Drug Coverage
      • Offered by private companies to provide coverage for prescription drug costs; plans are government subsidized and regulated
        • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
        • Requires Medicare Part A and/or Part B